Biggest takeaways from my time in Costa Rica

Just like that, has come and gone and it’s time for me to go home.

Only for a little bit, don’t worry.

I cannot believe by.

I’m so for my time here, for all that I’ve taken from this experience and for all the absolutely unforgettable people I’ve met along the way.

I came into this trip having . Hell, I didn’t even know I was going on the trip until like 5 days before I went.

So I really didn’t have much time to think about what I hoped to get out of this adventure.

But man did this trip anything I could have wished for.

I’ll share with you some of my from this adventure…

It’s really hard to say what I feel is from this trip. I feel like I had so many realizations and learnings about myself and others.

If I absolutely had to choose I would say my greatest takeaway is with my life right now.

I am so grateful to live this life and am so for all the inner work I’ve done to get to where I am today.

I truly in every way. I built this life for myself and I just feel so at peace with what I’ve accomplished and who I am as a person.

I’m so and all that it will bring me. I’m so grateful for this trip, I’m so calm, relaxed, happy, centred. .

Something that has really been reassured by being on this trip is to live in the moment.

To , surrender to life’s intentions for you even if it’s not what you thought you wanted or what you thought would happen. , as they say. Simple life. Just relax. All is good. Todo bien.

Now, to say “go with the flow, surrender, everything always works out” is one thing, but to actually live that way is another experience.

Like when the day tour you booked gets cancelled and you end up having a magical day to yourself walking hours down the beach instead.

Instead of getting caught up on things that don’t go “my way”, I’ve really learned to what’s best for me. Who am I to think I know what’s best for me or what’s meant for me?

What is for me shall not pass me. And if it passes me by, it was never for me.

This travel experience has also taught me or I guess allowed me to realize this year.

Now, whenever I make plans for my life, I’m proven time and time again that the universe knows what’s best and I don’t know shit. So I’ll take this with a grain of salt and a shot of tequila…

But I’ve realized I really want the for my life this year, and I’m in a position to do exactly that. I can come home and work for a few weeks, make enough money to leave again and catch the next flight to who knows where.

As of right now, that’s my intention for the year. baby $$$

Something huge this trip has given me is more and what I do. I’m really practicing letting go of what people think of me in a whole new way.

I used to be for a living with new people. When someone would ask me what I do (which is a totally normal question to ask someone when you first meet), I would get , and beat around the bush.

Because people are going to have an to me saying I’m a stripper, you know? I’ve been projecting my assumptions onto these new people I meet.

And this is based off experiences and judgement I’ve seen from others in the past. All of the people I’ve met on this trip have been so open minded and accepting, it’s really allowed me to and be more open when meeting new people.

Being able to confidently say “I’m a stripper” when someone asks what I do with my head held high is fucking . Oof.

Their reaction is not my responsibility. And who am I to assume they’ll think less of me? I would never want someone to assume I would think less of them based on what they do to make money.

Another lesson from this trip and staying in hostels with people from all over the world… There’s out there and there’s SO much more to the world and to people than what you see and experience at home.

People from around the world are so different in so many ways, how we eat, how we go to school, how we work, how we live… but at the same time . We all have the same dreams, aspirations, feelings, and love to give.

I could go on forever about how enlightened I feel after this month long whirlwind of a trip…

But I’ll leave you with that for now.

I’m incredibly and start to implement all of these new thoughts and ideas into my life.

I have many ideas and intentions for improving my life at home, although I don’t plan on being there for too long.

I feel that these gems of wisdom and growth will stay with me forever no matter where I go.

I’m truly to have had these experiences and to have met the most inspiring, amazing people on this trip. My life is forever changed.

Pura Vida 🤙🏼



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Bailey Frey


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