The one where she books a one way ticket to Costa Rica…

Since arriving here in Tamarindo, Costa Rica I’ve felt connected to myself on a new level. I feel at home, at peace and in love… With myself, with this place, and with life.

I haven’t written with the intention that anyone else would read my writing in quite a while. I used to write all the time and share my experiences on instagram. It became an outlet for me and a way that I could connect with people who related to my experiences.

I’m feeling called to do that again. So here we are. My intention is to share my life and my experiences freely and openly without holding back out of fear of judgement.

If you already know me or follow me on IG you may know that I am currently spending a few weeks in Costa Rica. I was originally in Mexico just before this with a couple different groups of friends, and decided with the state of Canada right now that I would just say fuck it and extend my trip.

I’ve already been away from home for 3 weeks now and I have just over 2 weeks left here… well maybe more if I decide to stay.

I’ve felt called to come to Costa Rica for a couple years now and decided to just make it happen. I decided while I was in Mexico. Cancelled my flight home and booked my flight here.

I’ve wanted to travel alone for some time now but was always too scared to do it. While in Mexico I met this girl who shared with me her solo travel adventures all over the world and she really inspired me to take the plunge. I booked my ticket the next day. (Thank you Kelsey)

I’m staying in a hostel with 5 other girls in my room here in Tamarindo. I’ve never done anything like this before and always wanted the experience of staying in a hostel alone and meeting all kinds of different people. I’m already so happy I did this. I feel like I’m exactly where I need to be.

I’ve never felt so peaceful, joyful and full of life before. This is everything I needed and more.

Life is so short and passes by so fast. If you’ve been thinking of booking a trip fucking do it. You will only ever regret the things you didn’t do.

Money always comes back. Time doesn’t.



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Bailey Frey

Bailey Frey


Eckhart Tolle by day, Megan Thee Stallion by night. IG @bailey.rising